The time period for the game Knightfall is set in the middle of the Thousand -Year War, which is the longest war known to history. Here is how it started.


The Knights originated from the remains of the Kingdom after its downfall. They included Humans, High Elves, Shadow Elves, and Dwarves, all survivors of the most terrible battle known to history. They all took vows to never stab their friends in the back like the Orcs did to the kingdom, and to uphold their honor forever.


The Corsairs were what a small band of criminals originally called themselves. When the Orc Empire came upon its downfall, the Corsairs saw the chance and forced the remaining parts of the Empire to join them. The Corsairs now included not only Orcs, but Trolls and Goblins as well.

The Battle of the Silver GlenEdit

The sacred Silver Glen of Ar'krad is where the elves originated. Each year on midsummer's day, the High Elves congregate at Silver Glen for a day of peace so that they may clear their minds. The Glen is sacred to them. The Battle of the Silver Glen was the first act of war that the Corsairs took against the Knights. The Corsairs attacked the Glen on midsummer's day, when none of the elves were expecting it. However, Shadow Elves came to help, because it was their duty to protect the High Elves. The battle was fierce, and there were many losses, but whoever the winner was was unclear. And that is what started the Thousand-Year War.