Here is a list of a lot of the known races, and a brief description of them.

Grand Ar'krad Alliance (Knights)Edit

Honor is never far from their minds. Their hearts lie at the front of every battle, and courage is prised greatly by them. However, there are some who seek less 'direct' ways of combat...

A lot like Humans, but shorter and heartier. No Dwarf can resist a heartfelt laugh, or a bottle of mead. When at times of battle, Dwarfs will happily join others in fighting.

A race of magic and shadows. They we're widely unknown to the dominant species of Ar'krad until they suddenly appeared to help the Humans. They are masters at cunning, and can shape-shift into animals.

The only direct descendants of the High-Elves that are still alive. They try to preserve Elven ways. They are fast and nimble, and they use their reflexes to become legendary archers and rogues.

The Imperial Order (Corsairs) Edit

Once Shadow Elves, they betrayed their own kind. Their punishment turned them into cold hearted beings. They like to seduce and mind-control their enemies before putting them out of their misery.

The bloody savage fighters are masters at all out war. The best kinds of fighting strategies come straight to them, and they can clobber their way through any battlefield.

Sometimes called the bridge-fighters, they can swiftly kill and make anything. They prefer not to be seen, but can strike out very quickly.

The 'masters of crafters' can make anything possible. They are great friends of the Trolls, who help turn them into master spies.