Enchanters are very different from the other classes. They focus on seduction and mind-control instead of fighting. They have no use for weapons. They tend to be scantily clad, as this increases their chances of seducing someone.

Mind-Control Edit

By far their most infamous ability is to mind control a person. This is usually for cruel intent. Usually it is great for turning the tables on an enemy, as you can now easily outnumber them. However, some Enchanters use it for more personal reasons. This usually means slavery. Once a person has been mind controlled, their memory is instantly deprived from them and absorbed into the Enchanter's brain. Thus when an Enchanter is done mind-controlling, the person will wander around forever until they die.

Seduction Edit

This power is used much more often then mind-control. It's benefits is that it leaves the person's memory intact. When someone of the opposite gender looks at the Enchanter, they will feel a slight urge to be drawn closer. Enchanters can increase the power and range of this by being scantily clad and concentrating very hard. If the Enchanter is focusing on a specific person, it can wield much better results. Eye contact will almost instantly make a person fall under the seduction. Teenage Enchanters often abuse this power. When seduced, the person is easily persuaded. This makes Enchanters excellent spies. The seduced person will be drawn to the Enchanter. However, the Enchanter can not force the person to do actions, but the Enchanter can try to persuade them. Seduction only works with people of the opposite gender.

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